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The Cost of Your Purchasing Choices on People Around the World

Do you consider the impact of your food choices on people thousands of miles away? Most likely not, and why should you? What does the food in front of you have to do with people miles away? This is a question that many people would ask without realizing the repercussions of buying from brands that lack fair trade certifications on their products.


“Black Gold”, a Documentary Highlighting the plight of Non Fair Trade Coffee Farmers

After watching the documentary Black Gold, which focused on the contrasting lives of coffee consumers and impoverished farmers forced to work for less than a dollar, I couldn’t help but think about the little difference I could make. I couldn’t quit my job and travel to Ethiopia to fight for justice for cocoa farmers, but I could make better consumer choices.


Buying into Slavery, Poverty and Dangerous Work Practices of Non Fair Trade 

Unfortunately, we often unknowingly support these brands and become unwitting slave drivers by patronizing them simply because the media tells us they are good. Even Starbucks, while publicly supporting the movie, privately criticized it as “incomplete and inaccurate.” They flew the main character and other African coffee producers to their headquarters for a conference, but their actions didn’t align with their words.


The Purchasing Power of Fair Trade and Your Ability to Change the World

So what can we do in this uncertain world? The answer is simple: make the switch to fair trade products. By choosing fair trade, we have the power to affect the lives of farmers and producers all over the world. Look for the Rainforest Alliance’s green frog symbol and other labels indicating fair trade on products. By making this switch, you can make a difference in the lives of people far away.


To find out more about fair trade and discover other fair trade supporters, you can visit websites like:

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