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Recycling: Paper, Metals, and Glass

Usually when I talk about recycling I go for the basics; paperless solutions, paper, metals, glass, cardboards. And maybe you do recycle all that stuff but what do you do with other things? Throw them away? Just because its not on the short list that I give doesn’t mean that it cannot be recycled.

The Long List of Recyclable and Un-Recyclable Materials

The list of recyclables is much longer than you think. I cannot speak as an authority on this so I went to one of my favourite sites. Earth 911 and I did some research. Did you know that textiles, clothing and things are almost 100% recyclable? Even I didn’t. Almost everything that you can think about is recyclable, from car fluids, car batteries, tires, carpet, construction waste, phones, pain, aerosol cans, cooking oil, fluorescent tubes, mattresses you name it- it probably can be recycled in some way or form.

Reuse Rather Than Recycle

Now recycling speaks of more than just the traditional tossing the junk into coloured bins it speaks of kind of a way of reusing for the same sort of purpose After making the old thing almost new.

Like I said, I have no full ideas about how to recycle something like construction waste for instance but I can say this. 90% of the things that you throw away, you don’t have to. Just do some light research and see what can be done with what.

It is more important than you think. Right now global warming temperatures are at an all time high and we are struggling to keep that temperature under 2 degrees Celsius. That doesn’t seem so high but for earth that’s the equivalent of fever temperatures we experience as human beings, except with much worse consequences because if the earth sneezes, we will all get sick and maybe die. Ah, doesn’t seem so optional now does it? That’s because its not. Recycling honestly isn’t really an option that you have to make. We don’t have that luxury anymore. Maybe 200 years ago- but right now? It is an obligation that we have to fulfil if we want to stay alive. It is something we have to do to keep the earth going and in return the earth will keep human life going.


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