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In my blogs I talk about recycling a lot. I stress the importance of it because yes, there are great alternatives out there to problems like paperless forms instead of traditional forms and yes there are new digital apps taking over what used to be done manually in books and so forth but because we cannot eliminate the use of actual physical products completely recycling is necessary so that nothing goes to waste.

It is a very important part of the steps we need to take in order to save the planet and sadly yet not every country has a proper recycling system in place. As an avid blogger for an eco-friendly company its natural that I find myself searching the web for solutions that deal with problems like these and yesterday was one of those instances.

The Fun Of Freecycling: As a Thrifter and a Freecycler!

I was on one of my browsing sprees, searching for everything from paperless solutions to cats playing the piano and I don’t know how I did it but brace yourself. My amazing discovery in one word… maybe two: FreecyclingThere are times when I’m browsing the web and I just come across something so spectacular that I have to pause for a second and ask myself “why doesn’t the world know about this?” why doesn’t the whole world know about freecycling?

What is Freecyling?

So what is freecycle? It is simply a new form of recycling. This site is pure genius because it’s so uncomplicated. Everything posted on the website is completely free and the logic is straightforward too. You find something you don’t want that’s still usable and you post it. Someone else that wants it takes it. That’s it.

To say that it follows the saying one mans trash is another mans treasure perfectly is completely accurate. Now obviously one might look at something like this and not see much to it but think about it properly the impact that a program like this could have on countries without proper recycling systems in place. All you need is a device connected to the web and you have everything you need to freecycle your items.

They have listings by regions and groups in the UK, US and even places like Qatar. There is no chance of being scammed because it is compulsory that everything on the site has to be free.

Who says that recycling can only be done professionally?


Please note that on the site they advise you never to deal with money as there have been reports of scams from people asking for money to courier items.


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